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At InnevAto EDU, we value user feedback and constantly improve our courses. Through input from students, teachers, and administrators, we learn what's effective and where we can enhance. This helps us customize content, structure, and offerings to better meet user needs. Our Quality Assurance teams facilitate feedback collection. By involving our users in the QA improvement process, we foster a sense of ownership and investment, leading to increased satisfaction and better outcomes. Ultimately, our commitment to user feedback and continuous improvement allows us to develop high-quality online courses that cater to the diverse and ever-changing requirements of our learners.

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Student Feedback:

I liked how informative most of the lessons were. There was a lot of information in the text and videos that helped me answer questions adequately.

The courses were super organized!

I liked the simplicity of it. It was very easy to navigate and get through lessons at a good pace.

I really liked that there were projects to catch the attention of the students.

I liked how it always walked me through the lessons.

The topics were good and people need to learn more about [them] before leaving high school and going into the real world.

Administrator Feedback:

The courses are very easy to navigate and the "Getting Started" section for students sets them on the path to success from the beginning.

The consistent design of the courses helps students to know where to go and what to do. 

Implementation was easy and it was helpful to learn about new things in Buzz (LMS).

The courses mimic the setup of the state tests to prepare students.

The [InnevAto EDU team] is genuinely interested in feedback and continuous improvement.  The experience feels individualized and personalized.