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The Early IT initiative aims at transforming the the state of information technology workforce by increasing the quantity, quality, and diversity of the IT talent pool through providing access to affordable high quality education and high paying careers. This program is centered around key innovative concepts that significantly reduce the total cost of the bachelor's and master's degrees while improving the level of job readiness for the graduates. Learn more about the program on the UC Early IT website

Early IT through InnevAto EDU

The University of Cincinnati has partnered with the Fairfield County ESC and InnevAto EDU to create a catalog of online courses as part of UC's Early IT program.

Research-Based Instructional Design

All InnevAto EDU courses, including those that are part of the Early IT catalog, are designed to:

Ensure Web Accessibility

Meet all ADA Compliance Standards

Align with Quality Matters, Aurora Institute and ISTE Standards

Embed Best Practices of Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Competency-Based Education

Competency Based Education allows students to advance based on their ability to master a skill or competency at their own pace. 

Students demonstrate mastery of a given skill or content, exempting them from additional work that aligns to the mastered learning outcomes.

With this in mind, the UC Early IT Courses fall into two main categories, which in turn dictates the competency approach that the course takes: 
- knowledge based courses
- skill based courses

Better on Buzz

The Early IT courses are built using a Learning Management System (LMS) called Buzz.  This innovative LMS:

Creates a modern, clean and easy to navigate workflow and user interface for students and teachers

Is built for efficient and practical reporting to support data-driven instructional and administrative practices

Provides the Publish Anywhere tool which allows the Early IT courses to be delivered through any LMS

Early IT Courses

Complete 9 UC courses, or their equivalent at your school, with a minimum grade of C

The following five courses (of the required 9) are available in an online format through InnevAto EDU:

IT1050: Fundamentals of IT
IT2040: Fundamentals of Web Development
IT1090: Computer Programming (Fall 2023)
IT1080: Computer Networking (Coming Soon)
IT2060: Database Management I (Coming Soon)

(See the UC Early IT website for information about the additional 4 required courses.) 

Students Who Earn a C or Above

in the 9 Courses Prior to Graduating High School

Receive automatic admission to any of the BSIT technical areas of Cybersecurity, Software Application Development, Networking/Systems, Game Development & Simulations, and Data Technologies at UC

Are eligible to complete their first co-op* in the summer after high school

*Students wishing to complete their first co-op the summer after high school are required to complete the Introduction to Co-op Course as well as complete all pre co-op activities in the fall of their senior year.  Contact your Early IT program advisor in January of your junior year. 

For academic partnership questions, please contact:

Kelly Broscheid, M.ED Will Kirby
Associate Director, Academic Partners Assistant Superintendent
University of Cincinnati  Fairfield County ESC
(513) 556-5022  (740) 653-3193