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The Fairfield County ESC proudly presents the InnevAto EDU, a Quality-Matters approved online learning curriculum for students, educators, and community members. These Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant courses, which have been developed by experienced and highly-trained Ohio teachers with an emphasis on accessibility, Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL), are designed to provide high-quality and personalized learning opportunities for all.

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Jennifer Sayre
Director of Applied Technology


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Why "innevato"?

The word “innevato” is Italian, meaning “snowy” or “snow-capped.”  The word is often used to describe snow-capped mountains. As a team of veteran educators, this word resonated with us as we considered a symbol of what it means to grow as students, professionals, and community members.  As lifelong learners, we are always setting new goals and reaching for new heights. InnevAto EDU was created to support those efforts.  Our online learning environment was envisioned, created, and vetted by licensed Ohio educators.  Consisting of high-quality, Quality Matters aligned courses for students, educators, and community members, our mission is to build a program that allows anyone to reach their personal learning goals, whatever those may be.